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At Key & Co. Realty, we not only help tenants find their ideal residential or commercial lease spaces in Texas but also assist landlords and commercial space owners in accurately pricing and listing their properties. Whether you’re looking to find a home, secure a commercial spot, or maximize your rental investment, trust our expertise to guide you through the leasing landscape with precision and ease.

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“I am thoroughly impressed with Key & Co. Realty for their exceptional service in finding the ideal tenant for my property. Their professionalism and attention to detail made the entire process seamless and worry-free”

– Michael C. (Landlord)

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Property Preparation and Listing

Get the property ready, create a compelling listing with photos and details.

Application and Screening

Collect tenant applications, conduct thorough background and credit checks.

Draft and Review Lease

Create a clear lease agreement, review terms with the tenant.

Sign Lease and Move-In Inspection

Arrange lease signing, conduct move-in inspection to document property condition.

Tenant Move-In and Ongoing Management

Hand over keys, set up rent collection, address maintenance and communication needs.

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Leasing a home or commercial property in Texas involves several essential steps, all of which can be navigated seamlessly with the expert guidance of Key & Co. Realty.

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Ready to schedule a personalized tour of your potential new space, or perhaps you have questions about a property available for lease? Look no further than Key & Co. Realty. Our dedicated team is here to offer expert guidance, answer all your inquiries, and ensure you find the perfect match for your needs. Whether you’re searching for a cozy home or a strategic commercial spot, trust Key & Co. Realty to navigate the leasing process with professionalism and ease.

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About Leasing Real Estate in Texas?

In Texas, unless specified otherwise in the lease agreement, landlords typically cannot increase rent during the lease term. However, they can propose rent hikes upon lease renewal, subject to state laws and any rent control ordinances in effect.

If a tenant wants to terminate the lease early in Texas, they may be subject to penalties such as forfeiting their security deposit or paying a specified amount of rent as outlined in the lease agreement. It’s essential for tenants to review the terms of their lease regarding early termination carefully.

Yes, landlords in Texas are generally obligated to maintain a habitable living environment for tenants, which includes making necessary repairs to keep the property in a safe and livable condition. However, the specifics of repair responsibilities can vary based on the terms outlined in the lease agreement and state law.

No, landlords in Texas are typically required to provide tenants with written notice before initiating eviction proceedings. The notice period can vary depending on the reason for eviction, such as non-payment of rent or lease violations, and must comply with state laws and the terms of the lease agreement.

Common items included in a commercial lease agreement in Texas may include the lease term, rent amount and payment terms, property maintenance responsibilities, provisions for common area maintenance (CAM) fees, and any restrictions or allowances regarding alterations or subleasing of the space. It’s essential for both landlords and tenants to thoroughly review and understand all terms before signing a commercial lease agreement.

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